I am an Automotive & Architecture photographer with studio bases in Calgary, Alberta and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I strive to produce strong advertising images with a light touch in the edit.


High pixel count medium format cameras are my weapon of choice and I don’t compromise on lenses.

Born 1969 in Manchester, England, I grew up and worked in the era of film, essential experience that I hold dear because it made me learn a true craft.


In my 30+ years in photography I have shot studio work, done fashion and lifestyle location shoots in many countries and enjoyed a long career in the snowboarding industry doing graphic design, web design and programming.

After a long diversion working on marketing and internet projects for the snowboarding industry, I knew I had to get back to photography, where my journey originally started.

In 2011 I relocated to Nova Scotia, Canada with my family of 4 to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle and we became Canadian Citizens in 2017. In 2021 I was voted one of the worlds top 100 most inspiring architecture photographers.

If you feel that my work is a good fit for your commercial advertising project, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

Call me on 403 910 6878 or use the form below.